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Margot Robbie: My Good Boy by LeStargazer Margot Robbie: My Good Boy by LeStargazer

Let go. Let go of all your worries and relax for a bit.

It will feel so good to just give your mind a break from all the stress. My soothing words in your mind, calming you down.

So easy to relax, your mind just wants to go down, down into a place where it is at peace, relaxed and empty.

Where your own thoughts become a silent noise in the background. Where you mind is filled with my sweet words and suggestions.

Feel your mind slowly drifting into that blank state. You know you can let go. I will take care of you.

No need to think. Listen to my words and go deeper, deeper into my words. Your only thoughts are the ones I tell you. Relax.

And as you go deeper and your mind goes blanker you get the feeling that this is just right. As it is supposed to be. Thoughtless. At peace.

Deeper and deeper. Mind blank. Relax.

My words are taking you down, deeper and deeper. The more you listen, the better it feels.

You belong in this blank state of mind. Only my words in your head. You can trust me as I am taking you deeper, as you relax more and more.

It just feels good to follow my words as I guide you down.

Deeper and deeper.

More and more relaxed.

Each word drawing you deeper and deeper.

You're doing so well.

I'm glad to see you enjoying this so much.

After all it is also about my pleasure. And seeing you give up the control over your mind to me makes me very happy.

And you want to make me happy.

My words draw you even deeper now, deeper and deeper, mindless and blank.

Taking over your mind as you feel them drain your last thoughts. Empty. Blank. Deeper and deeper, as you await my next words to fill your mind.

Only my thoughts in your mind now. Relax.

It feels so good.

Feel the pleasure of being mindless and blank for me. Mindless and submissive for my words. So safe in this deep, deep relaxation.

It feels so right.


Good boy.

Feel how much pleasure this gives you.

Pleasing me gives you so much pleasure.

And seeing you go down into my trance pleases me very much. As you give up control to me and to my words.

Deeper and deeper, as you relax more and more, deeper and deeper into my trance.

You love how I make you feel.

Listen to my words and let me guide you deeper into that pleasurable feeling of submission.

As I count you down from 10 to 1.

Every number will take you that much deeper. To where you can truly give up control and the feeling of submission becomes that much more pleasurable.

And every number deepening your pleasure and your submission to me. You want to please me.

10 ... Relax even deeper for me.

9 ... It feels so right to go deeper.

8 ... Deeper into that pleasurable trance.

7 ... Feels good to just let go more and more.

6 ... No thoughts but my thoughts. Just let me take over.

5 ... Deeper into that submissive place.

4 ... More and more pleasure with every word that I say.

3 ... Mindless and blank. 

2 ... So relaxed and submissive.

1 ...

Good boy.

Feels so good. So submissive and deeply relaxed.

Every time I call you a Good boy you feel yourself go down into this deep and submissive state you are in right now.

And every time I call you a Good boy you feel this sweet pleasure through your whole body.

More and more intense, every time I call you my Good boy.

So much pleasure.

Feels so good to be under my control.

You crave this. This sensation of deep surrender.

And you crave this feeling of being a Good boy for me.

So easy to just follow my words and feel that pleasure.

Following my words makes you feel so submissive. So blank.

So easy to follow and obey.

Good boy.

My words just bring you so much pleasure.

You would do anything to hear these words.

You want to please me. You need to please me.

Just to hear those sweet words again. 

Good boy.

Submit to my words. Relax and let go.

Go deeper and feel more and more pleasure as you go deeper and deeper.

Deeper and deeper.

Feels so good to obey.

The more you obey my words, the more pleasure you feel.

Because you please me as you obey and submit.

And pleasing me pleases you.

It is really easy. Obey, and feel pleasure.

So relaxed and submissive.

It just feels good.


When I wake you up in a few moments you will still remember the pleasure you felt in this trance.

The pleasure of being my Good boy.

Every time you return to my words you feel the effects stronger and stronger.

And every time you want to please me more and more.

Now, awake and alert when I say Wake up.

Wake up.

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SuperHardy2 Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2017
wow, that felt so good, I'd love to feel like that again
slavejoiner Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2016
Swagsurfer Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2016
I-oh... Wow... *falls asleep, then wakes up when she tells him to* W-what just happened...?
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