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Melissa Benoist: Under My Control (f4m) by LeStargazer Melissa Benoist: Under My Control (f4m) by LeStargazer

Back for more, boy? I guess I did leave a lasting impression last time.

Drawn back to the pleasure.

Back to me.

Just that desperate for more.

And that's good!

The sooner you admit to yourself that you need this pleasure, this feeling, the better this journey will feel.

Now, I want you to take a deep breath.

Slowly, at your own pace.

Don't let my words rush you.


Hold for a moment...

And exhale...

Already feeling more relaxed.

More relaxed each time you exhale.




I'd like you to keep up this rhythm, slowly inhaling and exhaling, relaxing you more every time.

Feel the relaxation spreading through your whole body.

Letting it grow heavier and heavier.

Every time you exhale you become more relaxed.

Your feet, your legs, arms, becoming so relaxed.

So heavy.

More and more relaxed and heavy.

Deeper and deeper into this feeling.

Surrender to it.

Surrender to this feeling.

Concentrate on the relaxation in your feet.

Imagine a warm, glowing sensation, just at the tip of your toes.

And as you inhale...



Feel this warm, glowing sensation slowly spreading in your feet.

Slowly spreading, your feet just getting more and more relaxed.

Heavy and relaxed.

More and more relaxed as the warm glow goes up to your ankle.

And as your body relaxes, feel also your mind going that much deeper.

Your mind going deeper, your body relaxing.

Deeper and deeper into that warm, glowing sensation in your feet.

Let yourself go.

Deeper and deeper.

Your feet are now so relaxed.

So heavy.

And this warm glow continues to go up, up your calves, relaxing more and more, relaxing as it goes.

Up your legs, relaxing your legs more and more, relaxing your mind more and more as your body relaxes more and more.

Deeper and deeper.

So heavy.

Slowly spreading this sensation, a warm, heavy relaxation.

Up your legs.

Feels so good.

All you have to do now, is sink deeper and follow my words.

No need to think.

Let go.

Deeper and deeper.

Deeper into this warm glow.

Listen to my soothing words, as they bring you down.

Calm. Relaxed. Heavy.

The more you listen to my words, the more they affect you.

Every word draws you in.

Pulling you deeper and deeper.

Deeper into trance.

Deeper into bliss.

The glowing sensation has now reached your hips.

As your body keeps relaxing, your mind keeps going deeper.

You will find it easy to go deeper and deeper as you follow my words.

In fact, every time I say deeper you will feel an unresistable pull down into trance.

takes you down.

And down is where we go.


Follow my words, as the warm, glowing sensation travels up your stomach, your chest.

Relaxing them, pulling you down.

So heavy.



As you go deeper into trance, your mind winds down.

You want to let go.

It would be so easy to just listen to my words and letting everything else go.

A blank state, where all that matters are my sweet words, filling your mind.

Feel the warm glow now, as it runs down through your shoulders, down your arms.

Your arms are getting so heavy, as you go so deep for me.

Deeper and deeper.

It just feels better and better.

So go down into trance for me.

Where it just feels so good.

So easy.

So heavy.

So right.

Your fingers are now tingling with this soothing relaxation.

As the warm, glowing feeling reaches the tips of your fingers.

So heavy.

Your arms, your fingers, so heavy.

You could try and move them right now.

And as you try you will find they just keep getting heavier and heavier, pulling you deeper and deeper.

Down, deeper down.

Too deep to be bothered to move your fingers.

You might as well go even deeper.

So, relax, let go of all control over your body.

I will keep you safe.

You can trust me.

Imagine the warm, glowing sensation now traveling up your arm again.

Through your shoulders, your neck, into you head.

Spreading through your mind.

Relaxing it.

Drawing your deeper.

You want to just let go.

Surrender to this feeling.

So deep already.

So heavy.

Your whole body now pleasantly relaxed. Warm and heavy.

Your mind slows down even more.

Mind and body, so relaxed.

And as you are so deep and heavy you feel the glowing sensation spreading even more.


Engulfing your mind.

Taking your mind deeper and deeper.

More and more, as it grows.

The feeling of deep surrender getting stronger and stronger.

Your mind and body surrender more and more.

You want to let go.

To give up control.

The warm glow just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

I will count you down now.

As I count you down from 10 the warm, glowing sensation will completely fill your mind.

Relaxing you as it grows.

Taking you deeper.

Twice as deep with each number.

Wanting to surrender even more with each number.

Twice as much.

And giving up control even more with each number.

Twice as much.

When I reach 1 your mind will be completely blank.

Blank and relaxed.

Surrender completely.


No control.

10... It just feels good to slip down further.

Deeper down into my control.

9... The warm glow spreading in your brain.

Don't resist this pull into mindless trance.

You know you can just let go and enjoy this pleasurable deepness.

Each number taking you further.

7... Getting ready to be mindless and blank for me.

My words replacing your thoughts.

6... Mind so deep, body so relaxed. Surrendering more and more.

You want this.

5... Your will beginning to fade, as you give up control.

Feels so good.

4... Thoughts disappearing.

Only my words remain.

3... You don't have to think right now, just let go.

Be blank.

2... My will replacing your will.

Ready to give up control.



No will.

Engulfed in this glowing sensation.

It feels so good.

So pleasurable.

You love this loss of control.

To be taken care of.

You are just a submissive little boy, aren't you?

Yes, you are.

My Good boy.

Only pleasure on your mind.

Pleasure from this deep, deep trance.

You love how I make you feel.

As you follow my words, making you feel so good.

So much pleasure.

You enjoy this.

This blank state.

This submissive feeling.

No need to think.

It just feels so pleasurable to follow my words.

You want to follow them.

You need to follow them.

Good boy.

Your need to follow my words growing stronger with every second.

You want to submit.

You want to give up all control.

You need it.

Crave it.

It would just feel right.

No need to resist.


No control.

My words.

Your thoughts.


Get on your knees!


your Mistress!


Good boy.

See, how good it makes you feel to follow?

Obeying me brings you pleasure.

And when you obey me, you make me so happy.

And as we know, that's all that matters.

Submit more as you go deeper.

You want more of this feeling, don't you?

Of this submissive, mindless feeling.


You love being submissive for me.

To do as I say.

To obey.

I am your Mistress.

And you want to please your Mistress.

You want to obey me.

Whenever I say Obey you feel this overwhelming urge to please.

To do as you are told.

To follow my words.

The word Obey makes you do as I say.

Say "Yes, Mistress."


Good boy.

Obeying takes you deeper, brings you under.

So much pleasure when you obey.

So easy to follow.

Say "I love following your words, Mistress."


Feel this rush of pleasure as you obey.

As you say the words.


Good boy.

You've pleased my very much.

On your knees, saying those sweet words.

Say "I obey you, Mistress."


Again. Obey!

Good job.

You're doing so well.

Every time you come back to this trance, you will feel this words affecting you more and more.

More and more pleasure as you come back again and again.

And you love to feel this way.

So you will come back.


It is time now to bring you up again.

Out of trance.

Feeling more awake and alert as I count you up.

Every number deepening the effects of this trance.

1... Feeling so good.

2... Wanting to come back again and again.

3... Slowly coming up.

4... Feel your body and mind coming back to live again.

5... Wide awake!

Wide awake.

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I obey you, Mistress
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