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Victoria Justice: Mind Melt [f4f] by LeStargazer Victoria Justice: Mind Melt [f4f] by LeStargazer

Welcome back!

I'm glad you are here with me again.

I love spending time with you!

Seeing your mind turn to mush...

Following my every word...

Seeing you surrendering to my control...

Let's start again by taking a deep breath.


Hold for a few moments...


Feel all your worries and tension leave your body as you follow my words.

Really, just breathing in an orderly fashion is an easy and effective approach...

to send you spiraling down into trance.




Your muscles relaxing more and more.

Your thoughts slowing down.

More and more relaxed with every word.

From head to toe, sinking deeper into trance.

Bringing your whole body in a deep state of relaxation.




Because, when your whole body is relaxed...

your mind, too, will just go down so very easily.

Feels so very good to just let go.




Deeper every time you exhale.

Try and focus and your breathing like this...

as we journey down into your mind.

And if you do forget it...

Don't worry.

It just means you are really deep.

Just as I like you.

In fact, if you realize you forgot...

you will just drop even further.

Deeper and deeper.

Melt down into mindless bliss.

I will now count you down from 10 to 1.

And each number will just add to this relaxation.

Doubling the relaxation with each number.

And when I reach 1 you will just be so deep.

Floating in a blank state.

10... Go deeper for me.

Double the relaxation.

9... Follow my words.

So easy to get lost in them.

8... Each word pulling you deeper.

Don't resist this pull and let go.

7... Your body so relaxed.

Your mind so blank.

6... Just follow my words.

Let your thoughts drift away.

5... Deeper and deeper.

Mindless and blank.

4... My words replacing your thoughts.

You just need to relax more and more.

3... No worries about anything.

Only my words as you go deeper.

2... Closer and closer to mindless sleep.

Feels so right.



So nice and deep.

No thoughts in your head but my words.

You love this feeling.

Deeper and deeper.

Submitting your will to me.

Giving up control to me.

I want you to go deeper still.

Deeper into your mind.

Melt down.

You will find that every time...

I tell you to melt...

you will just instantly go into a deep state of relaxation.

Deeper than you are right now.

Deeper into sleep.

Every time I say melt...

you just can't resist its pull...

and you fall deep.

Melt will cause your body and mind to drop.

More relaxed than you are right now.

Your mind even blanker.

When I say melt your thoughts just vanish.

And all you want to do is going deeper.

Going into a mindless trance.

Where all that matters are my words.

Let's try it.

I will count you up in a moment.

And bring you right back down.

You will find you just melt so deep.

Deeper than you are right now.

When I bring you up...

all you want is to melt back down.

You will be so eager to go back to trance...

you just drop so much deeper than you are right now.

Deeper into bliss.

Deeper into pleasure.

You want this.

Surrender to my words.

1... Slowly coming up.

2... Feel the haze in your mind clearing.

3... Back into consciousness.

4... And...

5... Wake up!

Feeling so relaxed and fresh.

Your mind at peace.

Feels so good.

And this feeling will only increase as you...


Down, back down.

Deeper and deeper.

So much deeper.


Twice as deep, three times as deep.

Deeper than before.


Spiraling down.

Your mind and body just giving in.

It feels so good.

No thoughts but mine.

Deeper and deeper.

Don't resist it.

It feels too good for that.

In fact, every time I say melt...

you will just drop and...

your submission for my words will increase.

So, let's repeat that.

When I tell you to melt this time...

You will just plummet down.

Deep into a mindless void.

So submissive.

Eager to go back down as I count you up.

1... The fog slowly clearing.

2... Coming back to awareness.

3... Feeling so good.

4... Eager to go back down.

5... Wake up!

Awake and refreshed and melt!


Down, spiral down.


So deep, don't stop it, don't resist.

Allow your mind to be completely blank.

Submissive and blank.

Deeper and deeper.


Deep into a mindless haze.


You actually couldn't stop it...

even if you wanted to.

Your sub-consciousness will keep pulling you down.

It's just what you want.

You crave this.

So it's only natural to let it happen.


Deeper and deeper.

Deeper under my control.

As you acknowledge my control...

your submission...

you go even deeper.

Good girl.

Feel the pleasure now.

More intense than before.

The pleasure more intense now, as you are so deep.

Good girl.

Pleasure and submission growing every time.

You don't want it to stop.

The pleasure just keeps coming.

Good girl.

You might even feel this pleasure to become sexual.

Good girl.

Feel it.

Your mind just drowning in this pleasure.

More and more.

Teasing you, caressing you.

You would do anything to hear my words again and again.


Good girl.

Feel your last resistance fading.

It just feels too good.

Completely and utterly giving in now.

Good girl.

No turning back.

Deeper into submission.

You crave this.

You need this.

Submit totally now.

Say, "I submit to you, Mistress." Obey.

Good girl.

Good slave.

Your words please me so much.

It just feels so good right now.


This feeling of complete submission.

You are my slave.

Slave to my words.

To these feelings.

There's no place where you would rather be...

than here with me.


So deep.

A Good girl for me.

I will count you up now, slave.

As I wake you...

you will feel this overwhelming urge...

to show your devotion to me, your Mistress.

Growing more and more intense as you slowly wake up.

You want to show your devotion by leaving a comment, slave.

It would please me so much to hear how deep you go for me.

How I make you feel.

How much you crave my words.

You will feel such a rush of pleasure when you leave a comment.

It will just feel right.

So natural.

Natural to obey.

Good girl.

Now, counting up to 5.

Every number deepening my suggestions.

1... Slowly waking up.

2... Thoughts returning to your mind.

3... Feelings coming back to your body.

4... Ready to move your body and get on with the day.

5... Wake up!

Wake up!

Awake and refreshed.

SuburbanQueen95 Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2017
Thank you so so Mistress victoria...that felt amazing. It feels so good to Melt for you and follow your suggestions. Please tell me how i can show my gratitude to you.
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